Chris Bowser – 6 Things Everybody Should Know About Chris Bowser

6 Things Everybody Should Know About Chris Bowser

Rockland, MA
United States

The word of internet marketing is a tough one to break into for most people. For Chris Bowser, however, it’s a different story. Having generated more than $40 million dollars through online sales, Chris has had his fair of success as an online marketer.

  1. He started out as a college student with no eBay experience: What most people don’t know that Chris Bowser ventured into the world of internet marketing while he was still a college student. At the time, he had more than $50,000 in debt and no experience in eBay or Amazon.
  2. Despite this challenge, he signed up and sold a few items within the first few days. He soon realized how easy it was to buy and resell items on eBay and Amazon. Within a short time, he was selling and buying up to 40 items per week on eBay working part-time only. This earned him an average of $2,500.
  3. He made a name for himself within a period of less than 4 years: Chris continued to invest in various products and within a few months, he was auctioning up to 1000 items on a monthly basis. He soon expanded his venture and started buying and reselling across the country. Within a period of 3.5 years, Chris Bowser was pulling in an income of more than $15,000 per month.
  4. He is a top Amazon seller who advises people from all over the world: Today, Chris Bowser is one of the top sellers on both eBay and Amazon. As a man who shares the opinion that the world has more than enough wealth to go around, he has made efforts to ensure that anyone with a determination to succeed in internet marketing can access his method-and-strategy blueprint. So far, he has travelled to more than 15 countries to make sure that people what strategy he relies on to succeed.
  5. He has made more than $40 million over the years: For the 17 years plus that Chris Bowser has been in business, he has made more than $40 million and his company continues to excel with an average annual income of $8 million.
  6. He attends several conferences throughout the year: Chris Bowser attends dozens of conferences throughout the year to give insights on internet marketing. He also answers questions from people eager to learn thus helping them make a breakthrough as internet marketers.

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