Chris Bowser Amazon FBA Coach

Chris Bowser Amazon FBA Coach

Rockland, MA
United States

The online market place is a huge platform for making sales and earning a living yet so many people still struggle in setting up their online stores. Sites like amazon and eBay provide a ready clientele of people who know the value of online shopping. If you manage to get your products into amazon or eBay, then you are good to go. Well, not quite! Having been in the business of making products sell successfully on the internet for over 17 years, Chris Bowser can tell you for free that converting sales online is going to take more that amazing pictures and a list of the features of what you are offering that you think will impress the prospect.

When you attend any of Chris Bowser’s Online Auction Learning Centers, you will realize that there are secrets to a profitable amazon business. This is as a result of extensive research which he has done and modeled into his own businesses. It is not a matter of preaching water and taking wine but for this entrepreneur, actions really do speak the same language as his lessons. Evidence that his trainings make a positive impact to business for those who attend is the rising number of participants who sign up for the seminars.

After attending his workshops, participants usually have a clear plan on how to make their products to sell more on amazon and those who actually implement what they have been taught, see returns in a few weeks. The number of people who share their success stories every day is enough evidence to show that what Chris has mastered about Amazon all these years is changing the lives of other people.

If you do not have an idea of what you would like to sell, Christ is an expert in the performance of difference products on online stores. He is keen on giving advice on which type of products to post and how to present them and describe them for greater appeal to clients. If you never thought about the relationship between products and seasons, then you need some training from Chris Bowser.

Chris Bowser has managed to change the business fortunes or entrepreneurs all across America with his insightful guidance. He will not only share secrets to seasonal sales but also how to price your products for maximum returns. Only by attending one of his workshops can one really comprehend the extent to which education can influence the business scope of an individual.


Chris Bowser Top Amazon Seller

Chris Bowser Top Amazon Seller

Rockland, Massachusetts
United States

We can all bet that we wish to make extra passive income. However, how to make that happen is a huge challenge for many people. The reasons for this could be lack of resources, finance or impetus among other reasons. What remains true is that there is never a shortage of opportunities or avenues from which people can make passive income. One of those channels is internet marketing. Armed with the right techniques, ideas, determination, strategy and patience, you are bound to make money as an online marketer. Some may argue that they aren’t tech savvy and so making money online may be impossible. While that may be true, there’s a good reason why internet marketing gurus like Chris Bowser are considered a dear friend in many circles.

Chris Bowser is a top Amazon seller who was born into an entrepreneurial family. Online marketing is not an area that many people are familiar with, but not this guy. Having perfected his technique, he now advices and gives his trade secrets to people all over the world, more than 18 countries to be precise. Chris Bowser has been an online seller for more than 17 years and during that time; he has made more than $40 million selling various products. The good news is that his methods are available to anyone for use through a system he sells online as well. In a single year, his method earned his company about $8 million in online sales alone. However, online sales don’t cover everything that Chris does. In addition to internet marketing, Chris Bowser makes sure to answer any question one might have about internet marketing and mentors thousands of interested parties across the world.

You may wonder why Chris Bowser is so skilled and a top Amazon seller. For starters, being determined to make it pushed him to become a top Amazon seller. Whether or not his determination stemmed from the fact that he wanted to follow in the entrepreneurial footsteps of the family he was born into or not, he sure made a name for himself. Over the years, he perfected this skill through experience as well as help from family and friends. The fact he is an open book was a bonus to the growth of his career. By an open book, we mean that Chris was dedicated to experimenting new tactics as well as dedicating some of his time to uplift others meet their financial goals by making his method and strategy available to anyone who wants for a small fee.

Chris Bowser No 1 Amazon Seller

We can all bet that we wish to generate an extra passive income but how to do this is the big issue. It could be due to lack of impetus or resources; financial or otherwise. The one thing that stands out however, is that we are never short of ideas or opportunities from which we can generate passive income. One such channel is online marketing. Armed with ideas, patience, dedication and the right strategy and techniques, you are certain to make it. “But I’m not tech savvy”, you say! Though that may be trueand that is why Chris Bowser, a top Amazon Seller, is a friend to many.


Born into an entrepreneurial based family, business and success was but a daily meal to him. Through experience, both personal and from family and friends, he has learnt the ropes of successful take off for online marketing. Through training and mentoring, he has earned a name in this niche rising through to be a top amazon Seller. Dedicated to uplifting others to meet their financial goals, he has developed a blue print –method and strategy- geared towards making you amass this same knowledge. All these, in an effort to avoid the “rat race” as depicted by Robert Kiyosaki. So what is his secret?

This could come as surprise to many, but believe you me, he is an open book. He believes that there is enough wealth to satisfy all. That is why he is more than generous to share his experience and techniques to all who care to ask. Through entrepreneurship conferences and online programs shares, Chris Bowser, has maneuvered his way to be the best in Amazon selling. His products and tools are brands with reputable presence. He has traversed numerous countries from which he has helped over 30,000 entrepreneurs establish and promote their Amazon products and services. So exactly what do I need?

The product or service and internet access. You are kidding right? A big no, damn serious just that and some zeal and passion to be a success is all that you need. But I have so many questions some of which seem stupid. To Chris Bowser, no question is too small or stupid to be answered. As long as it will help put things into perspective with regard to selling in Amazon. His willingness to respond to such questions posed to him is as a result of a deep seated urge to better the lives of fellow humans.

Tried and proven, Chris Bowser’s methods are from experience. Unlike those who preach water and drink wine, this top Amazon seller is a pragmatic person. His experience and success has served as useful bridges for many. His unwavering conviction that we can all overcome financial hurdles through online marketing such as Amazon selling as always been an encouragement to starters. So don’t be left out either, try Bowser’s tried and true methods to replicate his success in Amazon selling.

Amazon Top Seller Chris Bowser

Online marketing is an area that not everybody understands what it means or even how to use it to make use of it, but not Chris Bowser. He is one of the top sellers online, especially using Amazon and he has made his method known to interested people all over the world. He doesn’t just keep his trade secrets to himself, but he shares them all with everyone and has so far traveled to 18 countries to do so!

Not only that, but he is one of the best earning online sellers and he has been doing this for more than 17 years. During that time he has earned over $40 million from selling his various products, including some of the top name and private names. This strategy that he uses is one that is easy to use and can be used by anyone who can access the internet and has the products to sell.

During the last year his company and him have earned around $8 million in online sales through the top online sites with this method. He attends numerous conferences every year and there he gives talks about his experience and his method. However, that isn’t all he does, but he also answers any questions that might come from the audience, so make sure to attend the next one that is near you.

When it comes to learning how to tell items online, why not learn from one of the world’s leading online sellers? You can learn so much from him and he isn’t afraid to help you, so start the planning process now and get there. You can make plenty of money through these methods that will allow you to quit your job or reach any other financial goals that you might have set for yourself and your family.

Chris Bowser

Chris Bowser

Not everybody knows what they want to do at such a young age, but Chris Bowser wasn’t one of those and he has always loved to sell things online. He is one of the top sellers when it comes to online marketing and in the 17 years that he is doing it he has sold over $40 million worth of products. He has come up with one of the best strategies to sell various products online and it is simple, yet effective and almost anyone can use it to sell their items.

You can sell some of the top private and popular brands online where you can earn money through simply purchasing the items and then putting them up for sale. He has visited some 18 countries, which will be growing eventually, and he has travelled there to teach and inform people about his strategy. Just in the last 12 months he and his company have managed to bring in some $8 million in sales through some of the top online retailer sites.

The best way to learn from him regarding these different methods is to attend one of the conferences or events that he is invited to. Here he will be able to teach numerous people his methods in a large scale and he will be able to answer any of your questions, so make sure to attend if you can. There are plenty of ways that you can learn his methods and start your own online business, but you need to learn how to do so.

Who is the best person to learn from other than the one who has perfected his methods and has started to bring in large amounts of money for his company and himself. You can start doing the same time, albeit in smaller amounts, so go ahead and get started!

Chris Bowser

AWS Week in Review – January 4, 2016

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week:


January 4


January 5


January 6


January 7


January 8

New & Notable Open Source

  • Squiss is a high-volume Amazon SQS poller for Node.js.
  • Blocker is a simple AWS EBS volume plugin for Docker.
  • Lambda-test is a generic repository for testing GitHub webhooks with AWS Lambda.
  • Awful is a Ruby gem that provides simple AWS command line tasks and YAML persistence.
  • Splunk-sqs is an SQS collector for Splunk.
  • Lambda-deploy is a proof of concept for deploying Lambda with CloudFormation + Grunt + AWS + Lambda.
  • Amazonica is a comprehensive Clojure client for the entire AWS API.
  • Lambda6 is a simple and opinionated handler architecture for AWS Lambda using ES6.
  • Go-lambda allows you to call Go GRPC services from AWS Lambda functions.
  • Thingpin is a Raspberry Pi AWS IoT publisher for IoT enabled sensors.

New Customer Success Stories

  • Fin Design + Effect – Visual effects and design.
  • Healthdirect Australia – Deliver services across the entire country while controlling costs.
  • Hiree – Expediting the hiring process and helping job-seekers to get offers.
  • SEAOIL –  Move Oracle E-Business Suite enterprise resource planning system into AWS.
  • Syntel – Reduce provisioning time for hardware and increase scalability.
  • THRON – Platform to simplify digital content management and distribution.

New YouTube Videos

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events at the AWS Lofts

Help Wanted

Stay tuned for next week! In the meantime, follow me on Twitter and subscribe to the RSS feed.


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Hackster AWS IoT Mega Contest

The AWS IoT Mega Contest (brought to you by AWS and the great team at Hackster) has been extended until January 31, 2016. We already have over 850 participants, nearly 300 project ideas, and 45 projects, but there’s still time (and room) for more.

As the name suggests, we’re looking for Internet of Things projects that make use of the new AWS IoT service.

Everyone who posts a completed project receives $880 worth of goodies including AWS credits, a month of AWS Support, AWS Technical Professional Training, $80 of credit for Self-Paced Labs.

The first 50 projects receive $100 in cash.

The top 10 projects (based on documentation, creativity, and practicality) will win prizes that include an Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Amazon Echo devices, and the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition.

Getting Started
If you were lucky enough to pick up an AWS IoT Button at AWS re:Invent, you can use it as part of your project. If not, you can purchase an AWS IoT Starter Kit from one of our partners or use an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, UDOO, Teensy, or FRDM that you already own.

Now you can build your project based on one of the project ideas. Take good notes as you build it, and be sure that your submission includes high-quality images, clear instructions, a bill of materials, schematics, source code, and CAD files, as appropriate.

Some Cool Ideas
The existing participants have generated hundreds of really cool ideas. As you can see, this is not simply technology for technology’s sake. Instead, people are using AWS to solve problems that are personal and meaningful to them. They are thinking about ways to create a better, healthier environment, focusing on personal safety, and agriculture. In the best Maker fashion, people are scratching their own itch, in ways that will improve life for them, their families, and their neighbor!

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Allergen Levels Sensory Network by Kevin Kingsbury – Create a network of air quality sensor to monitor pollen, pollution and mold in cities everywhere, processing location and data in real time.

IoT Radiation Monitor by David Fowler – IoT enabled Geiger Counter small enough to be carried in a pocket or mounted to a vehicle and used to monitors radiation levels. The device will collect data and report radiation counts with position and time stamps.

IFTTT Anything with the AWS IoT Button by Drew Alend – Trigger any IFTTT action with a click of the AWS IoT Button. If clicked than that!

Computer Control with AWS ioT by Alex Merchen – Turn your computer BEFORE you come to work with a simple AWS IoT Button push, and save yourself time wasted on reboot and updates.

Hello & Good Night! by Dave Mathews – The smart home has been a dream of geeks since the lightbulb was created. Now, with dozens of apps in the stores controlling vastly different “so called smart” hardware interfaces, you can have a puzzle of connectivity.  We are going to take the AWS IoT button and turn it into a one-touch off button for ALL of our smart home services – Hue, Wemo and Sonos.  The key here is that we will not need another smart home controller, but leverage the power of the AWS Cloud and software APIs for the devices!

Monitoring Food/Water Intake for Dementia Patients by Leigh Carpenter – Caring for patients suffering from dementia who don’t to keep up with consistent eating and drinking habits which hey often neglect.

Some Cool Projects
Here are some projects that have been developed around the ideas:

AWS IoT Button and Sonos by Paul Wakeford – Use the AWS IoT Button to control a Sonos music system.

Summon Uber with the new AWS IoT Dash Button – Press the button and watch for the Uber App on your phone.

AWS IoT Button for LIFX  by Daniel Porrey – Use the AWS IoT Button to control a LIFX light bulb with immediacy and efficiency.

One Button Click Artificial Intelligence Based Home Monitor by Geeve George – Build a voice assistant for home security and  monitoring while while you’re away.

Magic Mirror – Use Amazon Echo to run an image search on the web.

Real Time Crop Monitoring by Sarthak Sethi – Help farmers monitor the health of crops by tapping data and sensors, across seasons and geographies.

Some Resources
Here are some great tutorials to get you started with AWS IoT:

20 Days To Go
With just 20 days to go, you’ll have to hustle if you plan to create and submit a project. Go for it! Be sure to read the FAQ and the official rules (scroll down).


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