Amazing Tips to Help You Sell More on Amazon

Amazon is ranked as the world largest online market for diverse products and services. As an entrepreneur selling stuffs online, you need to associate with a company that has massive audience of customers for your products. Amazon is the only online market that can guarantee such an amazingly wide market for your items. How do you then get to sell more on Amazon and hence reap high profit margins? Well, the tips below will be helpful to you as an Amazon seller.

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Make sure you register as a professional seller. Registering as a professional seller is backed with a number of benefits. One, you get the go ahead to create a listings of items not on sale in Amazon. This means you are allowed to introduce a new product at amazon. Think of the sales you can make if you are the only guy selling a particular product on amazon! Also, registering as a professional seller gives you the permission to sell on some restricted categories in amazon such as auto accessories, clothing or even shoes to mention just but a few. Lastly, selling as a professional seller will save you the extra charges per sale apart from the 15 % selling commission.

Ensure you win the Buy Box. What does winning the Buy Box means? Well, when a buyer searches for a given item on amazon, a number of results pop up. Suppose the buyer make a click on any of the results, the page that appears is what is known as the buy box. It is undisputed fact that of all the sales made on amazon, 78% are through buy box! Three tricks can see you win this magic box. One, ensure your price for the product is the lowest, shipping fee included. Secondly, use amazon build policy to create unique items and lastly make sure you sell a product that no one else has.

Use FBA program. Fulfillment By Amazon aka FBA is a program whereby a seller on amazon sends all his/her commodities into Amazon then, if any sale is made on the merchandise, amazon does all the shipping work. Moreover, with this program, amazon will take care of the communications, customer services, returns and refunds. With such kind of a program, selling on amazon becomes fun and more efficient. Basically, this program can see you make massive profits to offset all the fees associated with it.

Follow the rule of the game. Like any other online selling market such eBay has rules to be followed, Amazon is no exception. There are rules that govern selling on Amazon and as a player in this field, you need to be well versed with these rules. One unique thing with amazon selling rules and policies is that, they are easy to understand and follow and also never change. You can readily find them on the Seller Central by clicking   “this page” link.

So folks, selling on amazon can be really fulfilling with such practical tips as those highlighted above. The ball is now in your court!

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Chris Bowser Training How to Find Out What Your Products Sell For

Do you have a product that you want to sell, but aren’t sure what to sell it for? You may not have a website, so placing the product there is not an option. You want to sell your product or products (if you have more than one), but you want to be fair about pricing the product or products. How can you determine what is the best price to charge for your product?

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One good way to find out what the price of a product is or should be, would be to go where such products are sold. For instance, if you go to Price Grabber and look at their products, you may find a product that matches what you have. You can see what the price is. This can give you an idea what the product is worth. You can also go to They have a system where you can search a product and get a comparison of that product, including price. You can also use a service like What you do is type in the name of the product. They will provide a store where the product is located. You just need to click “Fetch!” and you will be taken to a page that list your product and any product that comes closest to or matches that product, along with the price. This is a good way for you to find the cost of you product.

If you wish, you can even go to other auction sites, besides the auction site you plan on using, to list your product for sale. At least you can get an idea of what the going price for the product is, and to see what the lowest bid is for that product. The only method of finding out what your product is going for online is to type in the name of your product in Google. For example, if you were looking for an iPad, you could use the keywords “price of iPad or iPad pricing.” Once you do this, you will get a ton of sites that will list the iPad and the going price for it.

If you really think about it, you can find the price for your product easily online. Just use the search engines and the right keywords.  It is all about the right keywords. As long as you use the right keywords, you’ll be able to find the price you need for your product. By knowing the going rate for your product, this will help in deciding what to start your bidding at when selling your product on an online auction site.  You can actually find out what others sell their products for when you go online. If your product is the same, you can compare your price with that of another user. This can help you decide what to price your product when you are selling it.

It always helps to know ahead of time what your product can sell for. By knowing this, you can get an idea of what pricing point to start at when you begin your auction. If you set your starting bid too high, no one will bid on it. If you go to low, you will get a lot of bids, but won’t make money. This is why you have to considering pricing ahead of time. Let’s say you are selling a motorbike. You know that motorbikes, or motorcycles as they are also called, sell for about $16,000. If you placed your motorcycle online for under $16,000, and that is what you paid, you will lose money if the winning bidder ends up under that price. It is for this reason, you must know the going price first so you can sell it above that.  By using this pricing strategy, it will better prepare you when you auction your product, for you will end up making money from the sale.

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Chris Bowser Training How Safe Are Online Auctions?

Many folks wonder just how safe online auctions are? If you are one of those that want to shop or sell online, but are unsure if doing so is safe or not, you are a legitimate reason for your concern. Unfortunately, a number of people use auction sites to sell their junk as is. You don’t know if the merchandise is as good as the seller claims. Moreover, there are criminal that get on the online auction sites and use them to take advantage of buyers. They love to exploit people and make lots of money by way of their schemes. You can prepare yourself for such situations. It just takes learning some safety tips.

Before you even consider getting on any online auction site, understand the risks that are involved. Here are some risks you may encounter as you get on the auction sites:

  1. Unknown buyer: When you get on an online auction site like uBid, Webstore, WeBidz, and eBay, you will face buyers you have never seen or heard of. There is always a risk of ordering something, paying for it, and not getting it delivered to your door. These scams happen way too often. You have to alert to them.
  2. Hacker Attack: There is a chance that someone could hack eBay’s system, or any online auction site, and steal your account. Then they can run up massive purchases under your name. This is another form of identity theft.
  3. Sharing Information: There is always a chance you could share too much information to a seller, who in turn uses it against you; like paying for the product with a check or credit card.
  4. Getting Wrong Item: One such problem is ordering a certain item, only to find the item you received was not the right one. The item you purchased may have had a higher price tag than what you were told or bid on.
  5. Phishing Emails: One of the biggest issues that you may face is with receiving phishing scams. These emails appear to come from legit sources. They ask for vital or sensitive information and you have to click a link to supply that info.

Remember these common risk factors when you go online to an auction site. By remembering the above tips, it will help keep you safe and you check out the auctions. As you do check out auctions, watch the items you are interested in. Look at the bidding, the pace of the bids, and the time left in the auction. If you see an auction that goes from perhaps $5 to $250 in one large bid, that may be a sign of a scam.

Whatever auction you are looking at, read the terms of service carefully. Find out if the site charges fees to the seller or to the buyer. Read the terms to find out if the auction company has protections in place, and what steps you have to get protected in case something happens.

When you do sign up, don’t use your own name. Use a bogus name. Don’t put in your personal information, except billing, if you have to. Just provide the important facts and nothing else. When you do sign up, create a password that is very hard to figure out. Try to make the number of characters at least 10. Mix up the password with upper and low case letters, numbers, and symbols.

When you are ready to bid, research the seller (if you are a buyer), or the buyer (if you are a seller). Look at people that have good ratings on the system. Some auction sites allow you to give feedback on your recent purchases. See if the seller has any feedback. If you are a seller, check out the buyer to see if he pays for winning bids. Never deal with a seller or buyer directly. That is a clear sign of a scam.

If you follow the tips as described in this article, you will be better prepared and protected. You shouldn’t have to deal with any kind of negative stuff on auction sites. However, there are occasions when you may experience something you shouldn’t. Prepare yourself and you should have a pleasant experience with the auction site.

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Chris Bowser Training – How Much Money You Need to Start?

One big question that seems to popup a lot is how much does someone need to have to start making money with auctions. The amount will depend on the auction. Some auctions are free to join and post your auction, while others require a membership fee to join and are charged a final value fee when the product sells. Before you start thinking about running an auction for your product, you need to know the cost of the product, and what your budget is. Besides a membership fee (if required), you may be responsible for an insertion fee, final value fee, and listing fee. You may also be responsible for shipping your product.

In order to know the amount of money you will need, you have to look at the auction site. For instance, provides a place where there are zero listing fees. You choose your location and list your auction. Then you can list your auction. With, there are three different levels you may be placed under when you register. To start with registering with is free.  The first level is as a buyer. You pay nothing to register for this account. To be a casual seller (one that auctions every so often and not steady), there is no registration or listing fee, but you do pay a three percent auction final value fee. However, if you were to be a steady seller, you could go for the Seller+ package where you pay a small fee, which means you have no fees of any kind to pay for.

With, you have no listing fee, but you do have to pay a monthly fee of $29.95 to start with. When sales reach over $10k per month, this fee is canceled. The payment processing fee is 2.95%. The final value fee is dependent on the category. For example, consumer electronics has a final value fee of 4.25%, while cell phone accessories have a final value fee of 11%. You would have to find out what category your product belongs to so you’ll have an idea what amount of money you will need to pay to list your product. also has fees. They have many fees you will need to deal with including a listing fee, end of auction fee, and many other fees. They also require a one-time fee of $57.70. The listing fee will depend on the amount of the product you are selling. The fee can range anywhere from one cent to $10,000,000.00. The end of the auction fee works the same way. It depends on the price of the product, or the final bid amount (if the product sells). You may also be required to pay a seller verification fee of $5. It is best that if you decide to place your auction on, you better check their site fees page so you’ll know what you have to pay. doesn’t have any listing fees, final value fees, or end of auction fees. The only fee you have to pay is the $8 per month recurring fee. That fee covers everything on the site.  Webstore is another popular auction site. They also don’t charge any fees. They make money from advertisers and corporate sponsors who display banners on their site.

Lastly, with, you have to be aware of their fees, as they do charge them, and the fees are higher than most other auction sites.  They do have four types of fees. These include an insertion fee, listing upgrades, final value fee, and PayPal fees.  According to them, the insertion fee is based on the reserve price if the reserve price is stated. If there is no reserve price established, the stating price dictates the insertion fee.  The final value fee is based on a percentage of the total amount of the sale. If the auction is an auction-style listing, the final value fee is 9% of the item plus shipping.  They do have a fee calculator you can use.

The bottom line is that if you want to sell your product at an auction online, and you know the price of your item, assume you will pay about $10 – $300 in fees. Again, this will vary with each auction. Before you post your auction, do some research on the auction site.

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